Mill House on the Brooks      Three Self Catering Houses on one Estate

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The Saxon Hall

The grand Saxon Hall features exposed beams in the double-height room, and huge restored timbers reclaimed from a local railway bridge. Fresh flowers will entice you in where Italian, Russian, French and American art are blended into a soothing traditional and elegant mix. This west facing home from home catches the playful, soft light of the summer to the powerful, romantic sunsets of winter.


The heart is a well-equipped kitchen, with all the things you would hope to find. A large dining and communal area includes Freeview television and an Ipod docking station. Rejoice in the warmth that the reclaimed 18th century stain glass windows create, and explore many other antique architectural features. The room has an instant effect with its hypnotic views, that slow your breathing until you are in pace with the wonderful Sussex countryside.  

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The Frida Kahlo Room

A genuflection to the genius. Not a copy of her Mexican Blue house, but inspired by it. With Frida and Diego Riviera's love of tribal artefacts that they filled their house with.


Especial attention has been taken to use genuine Mexican terracotta tiles in their beloved colour yellow that she painted much of her furniture with.  Especial care and tenderness has been taken with the en-suite bathroom, which has an astonishing Myan take and wooden sink.

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The Indian Temple Room

A line of 17th Century Indian Temple pillars almost overwhelm you. Sun light falling into this room will moisten the eye of anyone who has been there. Very large Indian hard wood bed softened with sarees bought in the Western Ghats. Overhead jeweled (not precious) Indian tin lanterns. The bathroom is a masterpiece. Steps up to the princess daybed that was reclaimed to clothe this bath in royal splendour.  Through the re-claimed door brought from India to make a statement of artesan skill. Victorian Minton tiled floor.

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The Peking Boudoir

A step through the inner antique door and into the world of 1860 Pekin. A highly decorative antique opium bed with complimentary bamboo beds under genuine antique re-clamied Chines lanterns. 19th century granite stone lions guard against ill intent. Vintage stork panels on the wall from China. The bathroom has genuine sandstone Jali screen, re-claimed from a west country Orientalists estate dispersal. Now make the shower.

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The Italian Room

Inspired by the Venetian literary figure Celia Cornaro, who was the woman who stole Casanova's heart.. Italian beds and gold gilt regency pediments make a formal bedroom of romantic charm. Marble bathroom made from an Italian marble table which was bought in pieces and now remade into a shower room gives perfect taste of 1790 Venetian design.

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